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 28/01/2011 - Updates and changes.

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PostSubject: 28/01/2011 - Updates and changes.   Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:13 pm

I know i am very late in saying this, but happy new year Smile
I hope 2011 is a prosperous and busy year for everyone,
as i know this year for me has already been non-stop.

You may have noticed some changes to the forum already since the beginning of the year,
i would just like to say it is only the start.

Firstly as of today, our forum has a new moderator.
His username on the forum is 'bloke'.
He was hand picked by myself and the team and will be doing the same job as any of the other moderators, including going through exclusive applications.
Ill let him speak for himself, but he is overage, and a dj/producer himself.
Please welcome and warm to him as you have for me and the rest of the team.

Second major change you may have noticed is the reputation system i set up in place.
This is designed to be an indicator as to who is an active sharer and contribute to this forum.
I had afew people message me about the system, so i want to make it clear that the more rep, the better!
Rep is given on a post-basis, meaning you can vote peoples posts up and down using the '+' and '-' buttons to the left of the post.
Pressing the plus (+) obviously adds to someones rep, and the negative (-) reduces their rep.
Once someone has voted on a post, a coloured bar is added, showing the general like/disliking of that post through colours.
I have already had abuse of this system and have changed certain aspects of it.
Please be aware we dont take lightly to people stuffing with this system.

Quickly.. we have also just added a quick reply function which should help alot of people Smile

Lastly i would like to note that we will be making more changes in the following week(s), mostly on the following areas:
- Rules of this forum
- Leechers
- Spamming
- Trading of songs
- The exclusive section, and the way the exclusive applications are run.
Ill be posting another news post to keep you guys updated Smile

I really hope you enjoy using this forum.
If any of you have any feedback, we would love for you to post it in the suggestions section!

Thanks on behalf of me and the team Razz
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28/01/2011 - Updates and changes.
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